Qroam Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qroam Trading Tool?
Qroam is the first online trading platform for roaming traffic. The basic idea is to help mobile operators reach attractive commercial agreements for medium to smaller roaming volumes (the “long tail”) in an easier, more efficient and automated way.

What does “long tail” mean?
Long tail caters for all deals with small to minimal revenue potential. Typically 80% of your roaming traffic is generated in 20% of your outbound countries. Qroam Trading Tool focuses on deals for the remaining 20% of your traffic.

What kind of deals in the “long tail” can be managed by the Qroam platform?
Example 1: You currently have 100 IOT discount deals with your Top roaming partners. You would like to conclude more IOT discount deals with your medium and smaller roaming partners in order to generate additional savings.
Example 2: You have only 1 partner in a specific country to whom you steer 90% of your traffic. You would like to have a 2nd partner for the remaining 10% of your traffic and to have a back up in case the first one isn’t working to offer the best service to your customers.
Example 3: You have too many requests for IOT discount deals but only limited resources so can only close deals with the big ones.
Example 4: You would like to run a special offer to cover a special event (for instance Olympic Games). Qroam Platform supports deals for a short period of time.

Who will use Qroam? Commercial or technical roaming teams?
Qroam will only be used by commercial roaming team.

Why should we use Qroam Trading Platform?
There are many factors that have impacted the profitability of the roaming business unit over the last years: regulations, decrease in retail and wholesale roaming rates, substantial increase in data traffic and growth in alternative roaming solutions. It is therefore important for roaming managers to sign more and more IOT deals, and not only limit themselves to big partners anymore. However, the process of finalizing a preferred agreement is very time consuming. You need to agree on the commercial terms (IOT rates, commitments), chase people, sign off the agreement, and implement the IOT rates in TAP. Qroam’s goal is to allow commercial roaming managers do their work in an easier, more automated way to help them achieve their objectives of reducing roaming costs.

How will Qroam make my life easier when placing an order?
Each commercial deal requires a lot of time. You need to send emails to operators, call them, negotiate the rates and volumes, chase operators again to finalise the commercial terms. Once a deal is in place, you need to work on the contract and the operational implementation. By using Qroam Trading Platform, you only have to fill in the details of the order for a country and that’s it. You do not have to send emails, chase operators and negotiate the rates. After a deal has been concluded on Qroam Trading Platform, Qroam will send the draft agreement to HPMN and VPMN operators with the agreed rates and volumes. The preferred agreement is standard and once you have reviewed it, you do not need to have it reviewed again by your legal team. Qroam will update the commercial terms on the agreement and send it to both parties for signature. Before we send a notification to your DCH, you will go to your account and confirm the agreed rates and then an email notification will be sent to your DCH for operational implementation.

How will Qroam make my life easier as a bidder?
When an operator will place an order on the platform in your country, you will receive a notification from Qroam. You have to log onto the platform and view the details of the order. If you are interested, then you will place a bid (which will take less than 1 minute on the platform) and that’s it. If you win the order, then the deal is finalized and all you have to do is get the standard agreement signed and the rest will be taken care by Qroam.

What is Qroam business model?
Qroam will charge a fee for each successful transaction. This will be charged to the operator who places the order on Qroam platform. Bid only operators do not have to pay anything. The tool is free of charge for the bidders.

What kind of information do I need to enter during the order process?
If you place an outbound order, you need to indicate, amongst other things, the country of interest, the transaction model (Open or Blind), the start date of the contract, the period of the bidding process, rates and volumes for MOC, MTC, SMS and Data.

Can I exclude operators from the bid?
Yes, you can exclude operators from the bid. For example, operators who are already your preferred partners, or operators with insufficient network coverage can be excluded.

Can I close bilateral deals with Qroam platform?
Yes, you can close unilateral as well bilateral deals with Qroam.

Can I close data only deals with Qroam platform?
Yes, you can close data only deals as well (mobile operators or M2M)

Can I close deals for a short period?
Yes, you can agree on deals which apply for a period of minimum two months and maximum 24 months.

Is my information confidential?
Yes, all information is confidential. We will not share any information to other operators.

What kind of information will be shared with other operators?
Only with an Open Transaction mobile operators from the visited country will see your target rates, and the value of the best bid that has been placed. Only operators from the visited country can bid for the transaction and are able to view the best bid.

Can I close deals on behalf of a group?
Yes, you can place an offer on behalf of a group or alliance. You need to indicate which operators are part of the offer. You may only place offers on behalf of other mobile operators if you are authorized to do so. The participating bidders will see the names of the other mobile operators.

What kind of historical data can I view in Qroam Platform?
You have access to the complete list of your bids and orders. There is also an overview of the agreed rates for each transaction.

Once a bid has been won, will the other participating operators also find out the price?
No, the price will only be accessible to the operator who placed the order and the operator who won the bid

Can I upload my contracts?
Yes, you can upload all your contracts in your account easily so you can always access the complete history of your discount deals at any time.

Can I get a reminder that the discount deal is going to expire soon and need to be renegotiated?
Yes, you can receive a reminder 1, 2 or 3 months before the expiry date of the discount agreement in order to allow you to place a new order on the platform

Is Qroam not going to undermine my efforts to keep high IOT rates?
No it is not. It will give you an indication that operators are requesting lower IOT rates in your country. It is your choice what price you would like to bid.